The 3rd Degree

So, apparently I am to be one of the ‘dons’ on BBC Radio 4’s The 3rd Degree, a quiz show, hosted by Steve Punt (from BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Now Show‘), that each week travels to a different university and pits three undergraduates against three academics in a general knowledge/specialist subject quiz.

 Each episode is recorded on location at the University with the audience composed of students and academics from that University – and we’re coming to the University of York on Monday 7 March 2016.

Now in its sixth series, the show has the underlying rigour of a proper Radio 4 quiz, but combined with a quest to discover how the students will fare against their mentors…

I would beseech the Lord’s help in not making a fool of myself but I feel that might be a tad inappropriate given my specialist subject.

Tickets can be obtained from Eventbrite – I hope to see some of you there!

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