Pilgrim Routes of the British Isles

Final with quoteThis book leads the modern traveller along seven British pilgrim routes with

historic origins, taking in world-famous sites such as Holywell and Canterbury, and out-of-the-way locations on paths not so widely travelled.

Each route guides pilgrims step by step on a journey of discovery. Illustrated throughout in colour, this book provides clear maps and informative commentary on the history of the most significant landscapes, shrines, art and architecture. Although it offers some fresh walking ideas, primary consideration is given to understanding the history, significance and practices surrounding the pilgrim routes and sites of Britain, helping you to follow in the footsteps of our forebears and gain invaluable insights into their medieval world.

 Published by Robert Hale, 2016.




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‘This is a beautifully written and hugely useful book. I’ll have a copy tucked under my arm as I revisit these important ancient routes across Britain’s historic landscape. Poignant quotes are peppered throughout the text, and the whole book is beautifully illustrated with practical maps for the intrepid explorer. Wells manages to keep the chronology of these routes in focus throughout, even when some stretch back to prehistoric times. The context for pilgrimage is given in a clear but well-researched way, with its significance within all the major world religions highlighted. Yet the places are also celebrated for their local flavours, with the importance of native British saints, relics and locations constantly kept to the fore. This is a book that UK travellers, historians and pilgrims can benefit from.’

– Janina Ramirez, Oxford academic and BBC broadcaster

‘This book is an exhortation to explore our history, architecture and culture through seven historic pilgrim routes. Take it up with your staff.’

 John Goodall, Architectural Editor, Country Life

‘Wells takes time to detail each of the seven routes for those interested in embarking on a pilgrimage. If you would like to go on a pilgrimage within Britain, this book is a must-have before you set one foot outside your door. Each route is described with useful tips, highlights, and pertinent historical background … Whether your goal is spiritual, or cultural, Pilgrim Routes of the British Isles will be a welcome addition to your journey.’

– Sandra Alvarez, Co-founder and editor, Medievalists.net/The Medieval Magazine

‘The author, Emma J. Wells, has done her research and gathered together some interesting facts and history from the trails…an excellent book providing detailed background information prior to undertaking a route.’

– Lou Johnson, Editor, Walking Britain